A liable alternative to the disastrous “trade agreements” the like of TTIP, TPP, CETA,TISA,EUSFTA

Now is the time to come up with an alternative to the disastrous “trade agreements” of the likes of TPP, TTIP, CETA, TISA, EUSFTA which aren’t trade agreements at all but market deregulation aimed to eradicate any obstacle standing in the way of making profits by ransacking resources from the global commons by the corporations wrapped in a nice “trade agreement” package. Most of these plunder agreements even contain the establishment of secrete “trade courts” where democratic institutions can be sued by corporations if they feel they have lost profits caused by regulations of these democratic governing bodies. (ISDS) These secret trade tribunals operate behind closed doors and the role of the judge (or mediator), the plaintiff (the corporation) and the defendant (government institution) are taken up by private attorneys brokering out a deal mostly to the favor of the suing corporation and they don’t have to report to anyone and their verdicts are final (there is no way to appeal in a higher instance). It is the people living in the jurisdiction of this democratic institution to come up with the compensation agreed in the trial accounting in the millions or even in trillions of $.

The consequences are clear: With the installment of these secret trade courts corporations will be able to dispute any rules and regulations of their disliking from any government body and hence bankrupting them in the process giving these predatory corporations unrestricted access to plunder all the resources causing severe pollution to the environments for short term profits. This extreme form of exploitation subjects normal folks to harsh living and working conditions exacerbated by deteriorating infrastructures dictated by austerity measures and privatization efforts pushing them finally into extreme poverty (e.g. Greece). It will certainly cause additional acceleration to the speed of destruction of the already overburdened biosphere triggering our own demise.

Instead of supporting an ill ridden system which hurts everyone on the planet except a tiny elite we (e.g. our governments) should start signing up of  “worldwide collaboration agreements”.

This is the best time to introduce an agreement benefiting us and everyone on the planet:

Comprehensive Collaborative Global Development Effort Agreement Based On Open Source Principles And Sustainability or Global Collaboration Agreement (GCA) for short.

The premises are the following:

  • Reforming and out-phasing of the monetary system
  • Replacement of the Fossil Fuel Energy to “Renewable” as fast as possible
  • Getting connected to the global super grid consisting of the following components:
    • Communication internet including Internet of Things
    • Material internet which enables local production of everything using automated production plants like 3 D printers and recycling facilities
    • Energy Grid connecting all small renewable energy producers
    • Transportation Grid ensures fast mobility across the planet
    • Fresh water Grid (may be just local)
  • Global collaboration, setting up of localized special interest groups (SIG) including of sharing the results and/or contributing to other open source projects on all fields
  • Automation and the economics of abundance
  • Local food production in vertical farms
  • Repairing of the biosphere

In clear text we want to establish a space fearing global civilization living in abundance exploring the universe.

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spaceship on_mothership


Hello humans!

Something is very wrong here. You feel it. You know it. You know that our biosphere is on the verge of collapse.  All our institutions, cultures, traditions, our economy including our leaders are failing on us. You know that we can’t continue with business as usual. If we stay on our current path we will be wiped out from the surface of this planet. Just another failed mutation – gone for ever.
Do we really want this?  We have achieved so much. All our knowledge, technology and art. From caveman to the
famous moon landing. Everything for nothing?
If we are content to save our own species from extinction we have to radically change course. We have to
rebuild our civilization from scratch using the scientific method. We have to stomp out all notions we thought
as truths. It won’t be easy. I never said it would. It will be the biggest challenge for humanity.

Time frame

I don’t know how much time we have left to implement all these necessary changes because all these malicious
occurrences are happening on an exponential pace and are caused by human activities.

Comprehensive Collaborative Global Development Effort Based On Open Source Principles And Sustainability