Let me start with two quotes:

“Only in a free society is man able to create the inventions and cultural values which make life worthwhile to modern man.”

Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

If you are acquainted to the internet especially to social media sites like MySpace, Twitter or Facebook you will be familiar to the notion of contributing your ideas by posting comments, blogs, or by uploading photos and video clips to any of these mentioned sites.

You will feel comfortable in a horizontal networking world where everyone has equal access to everything what the internet has to offer. In case you have been in contact with open source software as a user or as a programmer these ideas mentioned here will be a nobrainer for you. Take this blog site for example: These will been written by many individuals by contributing articles instead by a single author. The fact that we are able to use networking which enables us to collaborative activities is still pretty new and still in its infancy.

Open source software with its ample beginnings in the early 1990s has taken over the world by storm with its flagship “Linux” and there is no slowing down but quite the opposite. You can find the usage of Linux (e.g. the Linux kernel) in almost everything which has any sort of chip inside from garage door openers over to supercomputers, car info-centers, submarines, flat screen TVs, blu ray players, smart-phones and tablets (but it did not make any serious inroads to the conventional desktop yet).

The main reason for its sky-rocketing success of open source software is its particular way how it is developed in the first place.

In the meantime we have been learning about the potential what open source software development has in store for us and it is quite amazing! But why stopping here at open source software development? Why not using the same principle in development of our cars, radios or any other thingy we use every day? Why not constructing whole city systems automatically using the same methods? Why not transforming our current society to a whole new society based on open source principles?

This web page will guide you to a possible migration to a collaborative civilization based on “Open Source” methodology and with all its exciting possibility it may deliver not only to the human species but to the whole planet as well.

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Comprehensive Collaborative Global Development Effort Based On Open Source Principles And Sustainability